TIDD was created in 1999 by a Qantas employee (me!), for all Qantas staff. Over the years other airline’s staff have joined TIDD however we are still mainly here for Qantas Group staff, both active and retired. In fact the majority of our members are either Qantas or Jetstar staff so we are here to look after you!

We list over 26,000 hotels worldwide that offer genuine airline industry rates for Qantas Group staff and retirees. To ensure you get the very best industry rates we do not charge any commissions, booking fees or other charges. We only charge an affordable membership fee that allows you to view, compare and book true airline employee rates.

What do I get for my membership fee?

  • 26,000+ hotels with genuine industry discounts worldwide, including over 800 in Australia
  • Departure Lounge – over 130 hotels in Australia and New Zealand at highly reduced (distressed inventory) rates
  • Car Hire discounts
  • Up to 37% discount off NIB travel insurance standard rates (Australian residents only) – Click here for more details.
  • Regular Newsletter with latest deals

Based on typical industry rate savings for hotels on TIDD you will easily recoup your membership fee with just one night’s hotel accommodation!
Click here for examples.

TIDD Membership Discount:

As a Qantas/Jetstar staff member I’d like to offer you the following discount on a TIDD membership (new members only):

  • One year membership: AUD$34.00 (normally AUD$39.00)
  • Two year membership: AUD$54.00 (normally AUD$59.00)

To receive your Qantas Group staff member discount:

  • Go to the TIDD Membership page at  https://www.tidd.com.au/membership
  • Choose the one year option or two year option
  • Near the top of the membership application page please enter the Coupon Code: qantas
  • The discount will be applied, reducing the membership fee

And don’t forget we have a no questions asked refund policy, so if you find that TIDD is not for you send me an email within 7 days of joining and I will refund your membership fee in full.

Current QF/JQ TIDD Members – discounts are not just for new members, when your TIDD membership expires you will be offered a loyalty discount when you renew 🙂

Any questions, drop me an email or give me a call. As an ex Qantas employee of 28 years and creator of the TIDD website back in 1999, I have an extensive  knowledge of industry rates for both active and retired staff.


E:   alex@tidd.com.au
M:  0408 136 222