‘Qantas Staff – Travel Insurance’


Many Qantas staff will remember the excellent travel insurance deals that used to be available through the Staff Travel website, initially from QBE and then from NIB. With Annual Multi Trip policies as low as $300 these were a great deal when compared to the retail offerings from many of the other travel insurance providers. Unfortunately these days travel insurance is generally more expensive, often double or more what it was pre-Covid. 

Staff Travel ceased offering this travel insurance when Covid arrived and no longer have it available for Qantas staff.

Here at TIDD we are filling that gap by offering Qantas Group Staff, Qantas Group Retirees and Qantas Staff Travel Beneficiaries a heavily discounted rate on NIB travel insurance, with Annual Multi Trip policies, Single Trip Comprehensive policies and Single Trip Essentials (Basic) policies.

For Qantas and Jetstar staff and retirees we can offer you a discount of up to 37% off the NIB standard rates (this discounted insurance is only available to staff who are residents of Australia).

This discount is available to anyone listed on your staff travel benefits (Groups A,B,C,D and E), for example if your parents are listed as a beneficiary then they can apply for a discounted travel insurance policy for themselves. 

We have recently launched our new website just for Qantas Employees (current and retired) and their beneficiaries.

You can access all the information and request a quote here: