Retired Airline Employees

Like you I am a retired airline employee, having retired from Qantas in 2013 after 28 years service.
Over the past 8 years I have learnt a lot about retiree eligibility and I’d like to share this experience with you 🙂

The good news is that as a retiree you are eligible for practically everything we have on TIDD. 

With the genuine industry rates at the 26,000 hotels we have listed on TIDD, you will be able to use a large majority of these.
Most hotels do allow retirees to access industry rates, and any that I am aware of that don’t I have highlighted on TIDD.
For my thoughts and suggestions about getting industry rates at hotels please click this link: Retiree Eligibility 

TIDD is all about saving you money, whether it be industry rates at hotels and resorts, substantial savings on
travel insurance, discounted car rental or anything else we can all get a good deal on! 

With hotels and resorts there are a couple of options on TIDD.

We list over 26,000 hotels worldwide that offer genuine industry rates. We use special codes and
links with the majority of these hotels enabling you to view and book industry rates direct online.
Click “Destinations” in the top menu above above to see where we have hotel industry rates.

We also give you access to Departure Lounge which offers heavily discounted rates for TIDD
members at 130 Mantra, Peppers and Breakfree hotels in Australia and New Zealand.
Retirees are eligible to make bookings through Departure Lounge.

With car hire we have an agreement with Driveaway offering a further discount off their already competitive rates.
If you can’t find a deal with Driveaway – we also have industry rate codes for other car rental companies.
Retirees are eligible to utilise the Driveaway discounts. 

We can offer substantial savings on travel insurance (Australian residents only).

And if you want to halve or more the cost of the additional car insurance the rental
car companies charge, check out our blog, Car Rental Insurance Savings.

Sound like something you might find useful? Then why not join us…

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How good is that!