Retired Airline Staff

With the Departure Lounge discounts (135 hotels and resorts) you can utilise all of their deals as a retiree, you just need to be a TIDD financial member.

With regard to the other 7,000+ hotels on TIDD, I have included below the eligibility conditions for TIDD, however it is important to note that the hotel makes the final decision.

As a retired airline employee you should have been issued with a retired airline ID / former employee ID, and you will find most places will accept this as identification of an airline employee. However I cannot make any guarantees as to who will accept what - you will need to determine that with each hotel you are interested in staying with, as they decide to whom they will offer an industry rate. All hotel industry rates advertised on the TIDD website are subject to availability and are offered at the hotel’s discretion.

I suggest you decide on your hotel first and then contact that hotel’s reservations department (not Central Reservations) and advise you are retired airline staff and confirm you are eligible for their industry rate. As a retired Qantas employee I have used this method and never had a problem. Better to be up front than to have an argument on checkin and get charged full rate.

As an example, Kerry and I travelled to Venice in November and decided we would like to stay at the Hotel Papdopolis by Sofitel. I checked the industry rates on TIDD and then I emailed the hotel’s reservations department advising that I was a Qantas staff retiree and asked if I was eligible for the industry rate that was available on their website. With the email I attached a scanned copy of my airline ID, and also a copy of the staff travel page showing my status as retired. Here is a copy of the email I sent:

Dear Reservations

I would like to make a booking at your hotel as follows:

Arrive: 9 November
Depart: 12 November
Number of nights: 3
Number of guests: 2
Room Type: Superior Double Room with King Size Bed
Rate: Industry Rate AUD$602.91 + Tax AUD$19.71 = Total AUD$622.61 (426.50EUR)

The rate is a airline industry rate. Please could you advise if this rate is available to retired Qantas Airlines staff. I have recently retired and I still have access to all of my staff travel benefits. I have included a copy of my Qantas Identification below and also a copy of my Qantas staff travel eligibility showing my retired status.

Regards Alex Jefferis

Reservations came back to me straight away and advised that I was eligible for the rate, they sent me a credit card authorisation form and the booking was made. Once the booking had been made I emailed the reservations staff member again and asked them to keep my airline ID and staff travel printout with the booking. When I travelled to Venice I took the copy of the email correspondence as a back up (I wasn’t asked for it or my ID at checkin).

By doing this I take away any worry about arriving at checkin and having an argument about eligibility. That said, I have traveled a lot since I retired 5 years ago and I have yet to be asked for my ID at checkin.




Before paying to join TIDD please ensure you are eligible to use this site.
Only the following travel industry employees are eligible for the discounts offered on TIDD:

  • Serving Airline Employees
  • Serving Travel Agents
  • Retired Airline Employees who remain eligible for rebate travel

NOTE: The final decision for eligibility rests with the business concerned. Each individual hotel / resort / car rental company / tour operator will determine who is eligible for their product.

Unaccompanied Travel:
All family members/companions must accompany the eligible person.

IDENTIFICATION: Presentation of an IATA card, Airline ID card or a letter from an officer of the company on company letterhead is required at all times when travelling. Any misrepresentation of these facts can result in the traveller being charged full fare by the respective business.

Most suppliers require that the eligible traveller has been an employee of the company for at least 12 months prior to commencement of travel.