Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance - 40% Discount

QBE Travel Insurance is now NIB Travel Insurance

During May 2019 QBE sold its travel insurance business to NIB Travel Services. Policies and travel insurance
options have remained the same, and TIDD is still able to offer our super special 40% discount on travel insurance. 

NIB Travel Services (Australia) Pty Ltd offers a range of policies for travel within Australia or internationally.
(This insurance is only available to Residents of Australia)

You do not need to be a TIDD member to use this offer, it is available to all Australian Residents.

 Over the past 10 years we have helped more than 2,300 TIDD members, their families and friends get a great rate for their travel insurance
our 40% discount deal with QBE and now NIB travel insurance. Try the others first and then compare their best rates with ours!

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